Victorian Slalom Championships – 24/25th November – Eildon

Canoe Slalom / Sep 7, 2012

Race Information and Competition Schedule

Venue: Slalom Rapid, Blue Gums Campground, Eildon

Race Organisers: Roy Farrance, Kate Slatter

Competition Format

The competition is qualifications and finals format. All entrants will compete in qualification runs and top 10 will compete in the final. (The final will include the top 10 Victorian plus qualifying interstate paddlers). The competition qualification runs(2 runs) will determine the age group champions, while the final will determine the overall champion.

Rules: The competition will be run in accordance with AC and ICF 2011 rules. Buoyancy vests (Personal Flotation Devices) and helmets meeting the 2009 ICF regulations will be allowed.

Entries:  Enter on-line or hardcopy

Event Guidelines:

Competition Schedule:

Please note competitors are asked to listen for announcements regarding change of schedule due to water release, weather and other circumstances.

Saturday 24 November Until 12:00pm Free Practice (Clubs must provide their own safety)
  12:00pm Draw for Course Design, 
      Submit team nominations to compiling
  12:15pm Course Setting (short course)
  1:15pm Bib Collection and Officials Briefing
  2:30pm Traditional Teams – Open & Junior
      Run 1 (C1M, K1W, C2M, K1M, C1W)
      Run 2 (C1M, K1W, C2M, K1M, C1W)
      Maximum two events per person
      Two teams must be entered to constitute a class
  5:00pm Course setting for Victorian Championships
      Addition of gates for 18-22 gate course
  6:00pm Demonstration Runs
  6:30pm Yarra Series Trophy Presentation
Sunday 25 November 8:00am Bib Collection and Officials Briefing
  8:45am Run 1 & Run 2 (C1M, K1W, MxC2)
      Qualification and age group championship
  11:15am Run 1 & Run 2 (K1M, C1W, C2M, C2W)
      Qualification and age group championship
  1:30pm Finals course setting
  2:00pm Bib Collection and Officials Briefing
  2:30pm Finals for all classes – overall Victorian Championship
      Finals to include top 10 Victorian plus Interstate paddlers
      Finals to include up to 10 paddlers, or 50% if less than
      10 competing in Qualification round.
  4:00pm Presentation.  
Victorian Slalom Technical Committee would like to thank our Sponsors:



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