Helmet cam catches gator jumping out of water, ramming kayak [Video]

Recreational Paddling / May 14, 2012

Thomas Swiader was fishing in the lake last Wednesday when the alligator rammed his kayak, knocking the Yorkie named Buffy into the water. He caught the incident on his helmet camera.

"I had a line out at the time. I was just sitting’ there relaxing," said Swiader. "It happened so fast, I didn’t know what happened. It hit me so hard; it whacked me in the arm. My arm was throbbing. I’m surprised I didn’t go in the water," said Swiader.

Swiader was able to grab Buffy’s leash and pull her back into the boat.

"I looked over and she was swimming in the water, so just immediately I grabbed the leash, pulled her back to me and threw her in the kayak and at that time she was pretty frightened," he said.

Buffy was not injured.

Swiader said he won’t forget what happened, and kayaking won’t be the same from now on.

"It definitely worries me because it happened and you can’t take that back. But I’m sure I’ll be back out there eventually," he said.

Swiader said he called Florida Fish and Wildlife about the incident.

Florida Fish and Wildlife said the incident may have been caused due to mating season, but Swiader said he believes the gator was after Buffy.