Wildwater National Championship Winners

General / Feb 2, 2011

Year Men’s K1 Ladies' K1   Men’s C1 Ladies' C1    Men’s C2    Location
1970 P.Egger E.Egger ……..   ………..  
1971 A.Julian J.Farrance D.Hallam   Fuller/Mason  
1972/3 B Gulliver J Farrance D Hallam   Griffiths/Hewitt  
1974 B Gulliver S Whitebrooke A Julian   Nelson/Neil  
1975 J Rogers K Purdy A Julian   Cox/Cox  
1976 M Wilson S Elliott M Hewitt   David/Ford Nymboida, NSW
1977 J Sumegi S Elliott R Phillips   Ungar/ Gemmell Murrumbidgee River, NSW
1978 K Vidler K Salaris T Preen   Stevens/Mansfield  
1979 R Baxter W Balding T Preen   Stevens/Mansfield Mersey River, TAS
1980 P Genders E Blencowe P Eckhardt   Stevens/Mansfield Barron Gorge, QLD
1981 I Gardner E Blencowe G Gaynor   Stevens/Mansfield Nymboida, NSW
1982 I Gardner E Blencowe R Phillips   Crick/Butler King River, VIC
1983 T Doyle V Golding K Kruyssen   Formentin/Fry Sterling River, WA
1984 P Genders A McQuitty G Gaynor   Pearse/Wright Tasmania
1985 I Gardner A McQuitty G Donovan   Pearse/ Wright Burrenjuck, NSW
1986 T Doyle V Golding P Eckhardt   Smidt/ Bullock Tinaroo, QLD
1987 I Gardner S Cahill G Donovan   Mansfield/Plant Howqua River, VIC
1988 D Worthy A McQuitty G Donovan   Forsyth/ Atkins Sterling River, WA
1989 R Housden A McQuitty G Donovan   Wilde/Newton Mersey R,iver TAS
1990 S Muir L Muir B Wright   Minns/ Minns Nymboida, NSW
1991 S Muir G Pickersgill B Wright   Pinder/Heard Tully River, QLD
1992 S Muir A McQuitty B Wright   Smidt/Muir King River, VIC
1993 P Goodman M Rodgers R Fry   O’Leary/Empy Harvey River, WA
1994 S Muir A McQuitty       Mersey River, TAS
1995 P Goodman A McQuitty P Pritchard   Miller/Worthy Eildon, VIC
1996 M Dalziel A McQuitty B Wright   Smidt/ Muir Nymboida, NSW
1997 M Dalziel Leila Muir K Miller     Thompson River, VIC
1998 M Dalziel Leila Muir C Smidt   Smidt/ Muir Nymboida, NSW
1999 M Dalziel A McQuitty       Mersey River, TAS
2000 G Singleton A McQuitty       Barrington River, NSW
2001 Piers Christiansen  A McQuitty         Mitta Mitta River, VIC
2002 Piers Christiansen S Humfrey     Smidt/Cole Nymboida River, NSW
2003 Piers Christiansen A McQuitty       Mersey River, TAS
2004 Dan Hall Carol Hurst       Blackwood River, WA
2005 Dan Hall Carol Hurst       Mersey River, TAS
2006 Dan Hall  Carol Hurst        Mersey River, TAS
2007 Dan Hall Carol Hurst        Mitta Mitta River, VIC
2008 Dan Hall Carol Hurst        King River, VIC
2009 Dan Hall C Hurst        Mersey River, TAS
2010           Not held due to lack of water
2011 Rob McIntyre Sharon Cahill   C Smidt   Smidt/Muir Nymboida, NSW
2012 Stewart Bennet Jessica Fox Nathan Kelly Rosalyn Lawrence   Mersey River, TAS
2013 Matthew French Kristy Packham       Mitta Mitta River, VIC
2014 Matthew French Kristy Packham       Snowy River, NSW
Year Men’s K1 Ladies' K1   Men’s C1 Ladies' C1    Men’s C2    Location
1998 Matt Dalziel         Goolang Creek, NSW
1999 P.Christianson         Mersey River, TAS
2000 P.Christianson         Penrith, NSW
2001 G.Singleton         Goulburn River, NSW
2002 Andrew Maynard         Nymboida River, NSW
2002 Ben Maynard         Penrith NSW (Canoe 2002)

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