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General / Dec 9, 2010

We have provided below a series of most commonly asked questions. Please browse through this section of the website prior to contacting our National Training Providers or Australian Canoeing. If you cannot find what you are looking for or you have further questions regarding a topic covered, Australian Canoeing and our National Training Provider staff will be happy to assist you.

Should you need to contact us – please email or call 02 8116 9727 after 3pm. When emailing your enquire please leave your full name, contact phone number, the state in which you live and your enquiry.


National Training Providers




Overseas Qualifications

Statement of Attainment

Recognition of Prior Learning


Where can I complete a course to acquire a skills/lifeguard/guide/instructor award?

Please contact a National Training Provider – please click here to find an NTP in your state.

Please note: Australian Canoeing does not conduct courses.


Where can I find information about the Courses?

In 2008 Australia Canoeing began a review process of all the education courses and released  the new courses – Australian Canoeing Award Scheme.  To find information about all the courses – please click here.

Which qualification do I need – Guide or Instructor?

Australian Canoeing has made a distinction between Guides and Instructors based on the activities they undertake with their participants.

Guide  – A person who leads or guides a group without the intention of imparting skills or knowledge beyond that which is necessary to participate safely and adequately in the activity. At the end of a session or program with a guide, the intent is not for the participant to have acquired the skills to independently participate in the activity.

Instructor – A person who facilitates skill transfer or development to participants in order that they may act independently or with minimal supervision. This requires the instructor to be able to critique technique, apply a variety of appropriate instructional strategies and may require them to assess participant’s skill acquisition at the end of a program or session.

How do I know my Instructor and Assessor have up-to-date qualifications?

You can search Instructors and Assessors qualifications to ensure that they are up-to-date – please click here.  

PLEASE NOTE: If you do your course with an Assessor and Instructor that does not have a current qualification with Australian Canoeing your application will not be processed.

What is a National Training Provider?

A National Training Provider is either a State Member Association or a private commercial organisation that has entered into a contact with Australian Canoeing to conduct education courses on behalf of Australian Canoeing. To search for a National Training Provider nearest to you – please click here

I want to find my nearest course, what do I do?

Click here to find the National Training Provider in your area. If there is not one in your area, please contact your State Canoeing body as they may be holding a course in your area.



Do National Training Providers have to renew their contract with Australian Canoeing?

Yes, NTP’s have to renew their contracts on the 1st July. To check whether the NTP you are using has renewed and therefore recognised by Australian Canoeing – please click here

PLEASE NOTE: If you do your course through a company that is not recognised by Australian Canoeing your application will not be processed.

I want to become a National Training Provider, where do I start?

Please contact Australian Canoeing at or (02) 8116 9727 after 3pm daily.



What do I need to register or re-register?

REGISTRATION – To register for the first time your assessor/National Training Provider will organise and send in the paperwork on your behalf to Australian Canoeing. To ensure this process goes through smoothly please provide a copy of your first aid certificate and payment details.

RE-REGISTRATIONPlease click here to download the re-registration forms. Please follow the instructions as you are required to meet 100 points to re-register. Please note: your first aid certificate is a mandatory requirement and therefore it does not count in the points system.

How long does it take to process my awards?

Once all the paperwork and payment has been received it should take 10 working days to process.

How often do I have to re-register my awards?

If you have to re-register your lifeguard, guide, instructor and assessor awards every 3 years except. An email is sent to you 3 months before your awards are up for renewal.

It is important that you keep your contact details up-to-date. This can be done through MyRecord, which is found under membership login at  If you require your login details please contact

If my award is 3 months or more out of date, what do I need to do to re-register?

Please contact Australian Canoeing –

Do I need a log book to re-registration?

Yes, you require a log book. You can either use the online logbook, which you enter your entries through MyRecord or you can follow the sample log book (please click here).

Do I need to submit my First Aid Certificate?

When applying to register or re-registering you need to provide a current first aid certificate.  Your application will not be processed until we have a copy of it.

How do I Pay?

Your application to register or re-registration will not be processed under any circumstances until payment has been received.

If your employer would like to pay on your behalf and requires an invoice please email with whom the invoice is to be made out to, who the invoice is about and what awards are being registered/re-registered for. Your employer is to send an email with a receipt of payment to  Awards will not be processed until confirmation of payment has been received.

PLEASE NOTE: All prices include GST.

Where do I send my application or re-registration forms?


Attention: Education
Australian Canoeing
PO Box 6805
Silverwater NSW 2128


VIA FAX: 02 8732 1610

Where can I view and print off my qualifications?

This can be done through MyRecord, which is found under membership login at  If you require your login details please contact

I have obtained Australia Canoeing qualifications and they do not show up in MyRecord?

Please contact with the type of award, when it was completed and where it was completed.

I have obtained non-Australia Canoeing qualifications and would like to record them on MyRecord:

Qualifications relevant to Yachting and Instructing – such as Senior First Aid or Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment can be recorded under “Other Qualifications" in MyRecord. You can do this yourself, however it will be recorded as "Not Validated".



What am I covered for?

Please click here to read to Memo that was sent out to all Guides and Instructors about what is covered/not covered by insurance.



How do I become an Assessor?

To be considered for registration as an Australian Canoeing Award Scheme Assessor, applicants must be a current instructor and complete submit the following paperwork to Australian Canoeing:

  • Copies of the paddler’s logbook for the past three years
  • A letter from a third party verifying the logbook
  • A letter from an NTP supporting the application.
    • This letter must include the following:
    • Duration of knowledge of the applicant
    • Areas where the applicant has been observed
    • Programs in which the applicant has been observed instructing
    • Programs in which the applicant has been observed assisting or observing assessment
    • Verification that the applicant operates safely as an instructor within the NTP.
  • The candidate must also sign the sections of the application that agree to:
    • Using and understanding the Safety Guidelines
    • Complying with the constitution and bylaws of AC
    • Maintaining a personal program of continuous improvement and education.

Applicants must not have breached any of the AC Codes of Ethics over the previous three years.

Assessors can only assess the award(s) they hold and awards below that in the craft they are qualified for.

Assessment must be performed through National Training Providers. Assessors should be contracted to the NTP in some form.

Australian Canoeing will process complete, correct applications within twenty (20) working days.



I hold an overseas qualification, can it be transferrred to an AC qualification?

If you hold overseas qualifications and would like to update it to an Australian Canoeing qualification, please contact with what your overseas qualifications are.



As of 1st August 2012 Australian Canoeing will not be issuing Statements of Attainments, until further notice.

Those people who would like a Statement of Attainment can still have the box ticked on their assessment record paperwork and when Australian Canoeing can re-issue them, we will contact you to ask if you would still like a Statement of Attainment.

I have applied for a Statement of Attainment however it did not come with my Australian Canoeing certificate?

Statements of Attainments take an extra 3-5 weeks for processing as it has to be completed by the Australian Training Company.

If I want a Statement of Attainment however I did not apply for it at the time I received my award for the first time?

In order to receive a Statement of Attainment you are required to obtain a letter form an assessor to note that you still cover the assessment requirements of the award. This is a policy required by the Australian Training Company. This is due to the time period since your completion of assessment.



I would like to apply for an award through Recognition of Prior Learning, how do I do it?

Please send the following information to Australian Canoeing :

  • Log book
  • A CV of your experience
  • A copy of a current first aid certificate
  • A reference from the company/canoe club
  • Anything else you may support your application

Attention: Education
Australian Canoeing
PO Box 6805
Silverwater NSW 2128

OR  email to