Newsletter for ICF Marathon Racing

Canoe Marathon / Nov 24, 2009

We have confirmed a new course concept that is generally accepted with the purpose of making our competitions more attractive to spectators and media. This concept now allows us to enter regatta course type venues with all the benefits of existing structures. Also the new 3 day competition program seemed to work satisfactorily. All these current innovations will of course be evaluated by the committee seeking for further improvements.

The ICF Congress allowed us to expand our championships programme with “under 23” classes, and the participation in the World Championships this year could indicate that this was the right way to go.

The general participation at the World Championships with 31 national teams was very well received considering the global financial crisis that certainly hits the world of sport, in particular the non Olympic disciplines which suffer even more than they used to in the past. The financial problems have become clear when we look at the World Cups, and one of the challenges we face is to try to lower the costs to participate in these events.

Overall, we feel that we are on the right track. We are now in addition focusing on presenting our sport to the public and media. We are trying new ways with competition commentary, and we wish to combine this with the big board or television screens in strategic places where also intermediate times and informative graphics are to be shown. Life streaming from the competition on the internet is another thing which we successfully tried this year, all this of course with the purpose of showing to the world how exiting Canoe Marathon is.

In the coming months we will carry on working with these matters trying to accomplish as much as possible before we meet again next year  


2010 World Cup 1 Tyn nad Vlatou, Czech Republic 26-27 June Approved
World Cup 2 Brandenburg, Germany 25-26 July Approved
World Championships Banyoles, Spain 24-26 September Approved
2011 World Cup Open
European Championships St. Jean de Losne, France 24-26 July Approved
World Championships Singapore, 24-26 September dates to be confirmed Approved
2012 World Cup Open
World Cup Open
World Championships Applications from • Rome, Italy • Györ, Hungary • Tyn nad Vlatou, Czech Republic Subject to technical inspection
2013 World Championships Applications from  
• Copenhagen, Denmark • Plettenberg Bay, RSA recommended to the ICF Board
2014 World Championships Application from Plettenberg Bay, RSA Subject to technical inspection


We wish to draw your attention to the ICF Canoe Marathon Rules. The current rules can be downloaded from the ICF web site:

We are happy to inform that this year we had no reports or protests concerning infractions of rules concerning wash hanging. We did, however, decide to disqualify a C2 for deliberately blocking the way for another crew in the portage. We wish to underline that such an action by paddlers is an infraction of the rules and will be dealt with as such. We therefore recommend team leaders to inform paddlers of this in order to avoid problems in the future.


We wish to remind you to announce in due time your candidature to your national federation in order to be nominated for next years competitions. According to art. 11.3 of the ICF Canoe Marathon Competition Rules the time limit for National Federations to submit their nominations to the Chair of the Canoe Marathon Committee (with a copy to the ICF headquarters) is 1st January 2010.