Insurance for AC Instructors, Guides and Coaches

General / Dec 6, 2004

Individual insurance for Instructors, Guides and Coaches is back

Thanks to the excellent efforts of Bob Young at OAMPS, AC have managed to gain insurance cover for the activities of individual instructors, guides and coaches. The insurance covers the professional activities of Instructors, Guides and Coaches under the structure of the Australian Canoeing Award Scheme and within the terms of the AC Safety Guidelines.

Insurance cover is a critical part of modern business planning and risk management. Those of you who have been looking for insurance will see how incredibly cost effective this scheme is.

The cover provides $10,000,000 in public liabilty cover and $2,000,000 in professional indemnity.

Cost of the insurance cover varies depending on the expected income from the activity

  • Income of up to $12,500 costs $160                    Prices Changes will occur on the 20th February 2006
  • Income of up to $20,000 costs $230       
  • Income of up to $30,000 costs $350

For an application form, ‘click here’ or contact Natasha Depaola at AC on (02) 9552 4500

Note on terms

Public liability insurance covers liability resulting from bodily injury and/or damage to property occurring out of negligence.

Professional indemnity or Errors & Omissions insurance cover indemnifies the insured against claims for compensation for breach of professional duty by reason of any negligence by way of act, error, omission or misstatement or misleading advice.

This type of cover is particularly relevant to accredited canoe instructors, coaches or guides. Incorrect advice given by an accredited Instructor, Guide or Coach could be interpreted as a breach of professional duty.

Professional Indemnity insurance is a ‘claims made’ policy, which means that the alleged breach must have occurred after the inception date of cover as specified in the policy & must be notified within the policy period.