AC objectives

General / Mar 13, 2004

AC Strategic plan

Download the Australian Canoeing Strategic Plan
(Acrobat file 88k)

Mission, corporate values and key goals


Australian Canoeing is the national body responsible for the management, coordination, development and promotion of canoeing in Australia. It represents the interests of its members to government, the public and the International Canoe Federation.’

Corporate values

Australian Canoeing is committed to the provision of a high standard of competition, safety, and opportunity for participation in Canoeing in Australia. It aims to provide all members with fair competition, access to high standard facilities and equity in participation at all levels.

Key goals

The success of Australian Canoeing will be built on the foundation of four key goals:
1. The provision of efficient and effective administration and management of Australian Canoeing (Business Services).
2. The development of the sport and recreation of canoeing within Australia (Development).
3. The enhancement of athletic performance so that Australian Canoeing achieves the best possible results at an international level (High Performance).
4. The delivery of quality programs, products and services (Program Delivery).
Strategic Model

Further details, including outcomes, performance indicators and key strategies can be found in the strategic plan. Download the Australian Canoeing Strategic Plan (Acrobat file 88k).